Membership allows the SJJIF to maintain an accurate record of all individual participants in our sport, SJJIF ranking and assists in preserving record of Jiu-Jitsu lineages.

Annual Fee
Black Belt: $20.00
Minor: $25.00
Adult: $30.00

Hard copy of member ID card: $5

Other Membership Benefits

  • Member will have discounts on future Sport Jiu Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF) sanctioned events;
  • Member will have access to download a member ID card to computer or phone;
  • Member will have complimentary admission as a spectator to any Sport Jiu Jitsu International Federation (SJJIF) tournament;
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Competitor Info

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The following photos will not be accepted:
  • Not wearing clothes on upper body
  • Wearing Hats or Sunglasses
  • Full body
  • With other people
They will be rejected and your membership will not be accepted until you submit a proper photo

Photo must be the same format as below


I declare that all information provided for membership is accurate and true.

I understand that the membership application will be reviewed by the SJJIF and is subject to denial and all membership fees are non-refundable. Furthermore, membership is valid for one year from the date of approval and I also understand and agree that my SJJIF card will be automatically renewed and charged to my current credit card annually