• European Sport Jiu-jitsu Federation
  • Monday, February 05 2018

Black Belt Challenge IV

Primetime! That’s what everyone wants to see, right?!  Thinking of that, the ESJJF recently organized the Black Belt Challenge IV in Lisboa, Portugal. On January 23rd the small, but powerful competition among the black belts provided a breathtaking day for the European Jiu-Jitsu community present at the exclusive Rui de Carvalho auditorium.  

Marcello Rosa, president of ESJJF, explains the concept of the tournament and already has plans for the future. He shared, “The idea of the tournament is to encourage the competitors to use their skills and show the best of what they have to the public”.

Black belts from all over the world go to Lisboa to fight against Portuguese competitors.  But now, the idea is to take this championship model to other European countries.

“We are going to organize many other tournaments, only for black belts. Our idea is to create national teams and, in the future, create challenges between them.  Whether in Portugal or another European country” explained ESJJF president Marcello Rosa.


Some of the major battles were:

Vítor Marinho (Portugal) X Giovanni Capela (Portugal) - Champion (Vitor Marinho)

Alan Coimbra (Brasil) X Cláudio Sucesso (Portugal) - Champion (Claudio Sucesso)

Tyrone Gonçalves (Guiana Francesa) X Fabio Abreu (Brasil) - Champion (Tyrone Gonçalves)

António Assef (Brasil) X Vitor Aguiar (Angola)