• Mauritius Brazilian Sport Jiu-jitsu Federation
  • Friday, February 16 2018

BJJ Keeps Rising in Mauritius Islands

The development of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Mauritius Island is still in progress, yet the MBJJF reached another important milestone in January of this year. For the first time, the MBJJF organized the Argy Open Regional BJJ Competition with over one hundred athletes in different categories.

The tournament was held in the Argy BJJ Club, a small venue locality in the east of the island that is now affiliated with MBJJF. With 30 athletes training BJJ, the club is the only sports club in the area.  According to Sharonne Maulette, MBJJF Event Coordinator, the idea was to establish BJJ in the Island and to create a better environment near the locality.

“We want to encourage more youngsters to enroll in sports and choose the right path for their lives”, said Maulette of the goals the MBJJF has for Mauritius Islands.