In order to support the continued development of BJJ around the globe, SJJIF has partnered the SJJIF Ambassador Program with the SJJIF School Assistance Fund to assist BJJ schools around the world adversely affected by Covid-19.

SJJIF’s goal through the partnering of the SJJIF Ambassador Program and School Assistance Fund Project is to help BJJ schools around the world stay in business during this time and through a selection and nomination process award $10,000.00 USD to qualifying SJJIF certified BJJ schools.

We believe this project has the potential of providing necessary funding to many BJJ schools around the globe while strengthening a sense of community, unity and solidarity amongst BJJ practitioners. Never before has the BJJ or global community simultaneously faced the same challenges, the adverse impact of COVID-19 has put many BJJ schools at risk of closing its doors. Today, the BJJ community has the shared opportunity to come together to support the recovery off BJJ schools, the BJJ community and the continued development of our sport.

What is the SJJIF Ambassador Program?

The SJJIF Ambassador program invites all BJJ practitioners from around the globe to come together in solidarity of one another and realize the power of unity as “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

One BJJ school alone, one professor alone may not be able to “do so much” as they face the unprecedented challenges brought on by COVID-19, however, thousands of BJJ schools, professors, athletes, practitioners and supporting family members together can definitely “do so much”.

Together, our community has the power to positively impact, help, and possibly save a BJJ school, a professor’s livelihood and by extension the many lives who are positively impacted by BJJ.

An SJJIF Ambassador is any individual who recognizes that these times require that our community come together and support one another for the recovery of our BJJ schools, community and the future of our sport.

What is the mission of the SJJIF Ambassador Program?

The mission of the SJJIF Ambassador program is to assist as many BJJ schools around the world impacted by Covid-19 as possible through the support of our ambassadors.

We believe that through our ambassador support we can help impacted schools remain open and together build a stronger community that continues to empower practitioners through the discipline, health lifestyle, physical conditioning, focus and ethical values learned in BJJ.

How will funds from SJJIF Ambassador Program support the SJJIF School Assistance Fund

For every 1,000 ambassador registrations $10,000.00 USD will be donated to an academy in need, nominated by the ambassadors themselves.

All proceeds from the SJJIF Ambassador program will be allocated to directly helping BJJ schools (50%) and continuing to support the development of BJJ through SJJIF projects (50%).

What is the process for the partnered SJJIF Ambassador Program and SJJIF School Assistance Fund?

The process is as follow:

  1. A person can become a SJJIF Ambassador by submitting the SJJIF Ambassador form that requires the following:
    1. First & last name
    2. Email
    3. Country of origin
    4. Date of birth
    5. $20 contribution to the SJJIF School Assistance Fund
  2. Every time a person becomes a SJJIF Ambassador he or she will receive a Certificate of Ambassadorship and will have their name listed as an Ambassador on the SJJIF website.
  3. The SJJIF Ambassador form will require that the ambassador’s country be identified. For every 1,000 ambassadors the SJJIF will review the list and the country with the most ambassadors will have their nation’s BJJ schools’ applications reviewed.
  4. Qualifying BJJ schools will become candidates to receive funds from the SJJIF School Assistance Fund. Candidates replies to the following questions on the SJJIF School Assistance form will be provided to all SJJIF Ambassadors. All SJJIF Ambassadors will submit one (1) vote and the candidate with the most votes will be awarded the $10,000 USD:
    1. How has Covid-19 impacted your school?
    2. If your BJJ school is nominated to receive funds from the SJJIF School Assistance Fund project how will your school use these funds?
    3. Why should your BJJ school receive funds from the SJJIF School Assistance Fund project?

What are the requirements for a BJJ School to receive funds from the SJJIF School Assistance Fund?

Every SJJIF certified school in need of assistance that would like to apply for assistance will need to submit a SJJIF School Assistance Fund Form.

If a school wishes to apply for assistance the following requirements must be met before funding can be approved:

  1. Applicant must be a current SJJIF member and in good standing.
  2. School must have been in business prior to January of 2020
  3. School must be a current SJJIF Certified Academy.
  4. School must have at least 10 current SJJIF members.
  5. Applicants must completely fill out and submit the SJJIF School Assistance Fund Request form.
  6. Applications must be submitted prior to the date the rewarded country is selected.
  7. School Owner / Head Instructor must sign application to validate the above noted BJJ school’s submission to the SJJIF School Assistance Fund.

A BJJ School may only receive funds once.

Next Steps

We recommended every BJJ school, masters, professors, instructors, coaches and members of the BJJ community to take a leadership role in motivating students, peers and friends to become a SJJIF Ambassador.

Ambassadors should be an influencer and take pictures with their SJJIF Ambassador Certificates and tag @sjjif and hashtag #sjjif in all social media forms to proudly show their support of the BJJ community and to motivate others to become a SJJIF Ambassador.

The continued support of our BJJ community will ensure that the SJJIF School Assistance Fund project can be wide-reaching in its support towards recovery of BJJ schools impacted by COVID-19 around the globe.

Terms & Conditions

The SJJIF School Assistance Fund is in place to assist BJJ schools who are in need of financial support due to hardship brought on by COVID-19.

BJJ schools will be selected to receive funds based on the criteria identified in the SJJIF Ambassador Program partners with the SJJIF School Assistance Fund document.

Submitting this application does not guarantee that your BJJ school will receive any funds.

Funding will only be available as funds exist and are available. Funding will not be available unless donations are received to distribute through the SJJIF Ambassador Program.

The SJJIF is a non-profit organization under USA Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Donations to the Sport Jiu-Jitsu International Federation are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

If you wish to obtain more information on how you can help please email

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  I understand that the SJJIF Amassador fee is non-refundable
  I would like to continue to show my support for future projects with an annual contribution of $20.00 USD
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