Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility and obligation of all members and representatives of the SJJIF to practice and demonstrate the highest principles of sportsmanship and to observe the ethics of competition. The display of good sportsmanship is a statement of the individual’s understanding and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior, and integrity.  Competitors are expected to know and understand the rules of play, be on time, and demonstrate respect for themselves and others.

Guidelines for competitors are as follows:

  1. Treat opponents with respect;
  2. Play hard while competing within the rules;
  3. Exercise self-control at all times;
  4. Set a positive example for others to follow;
  5. Before and after the match, competitors must shake hands and referee’s hand;
  6. Respect officials and accepts their decisions without argument or gesture;
  7. Win without boasting and lose without excuses;
  8. No self-scoring or self-cheering during the match;
  9. Athletes should proudly represent their country national team if any, academy team, professor, family, and community;
  10. Athletes must stand at attention throughout the entire national anthem being played for the 1st place athlete.
  11. Must not be under the influence of any substance;
  12. Must not remove any part of the uniform when inside the competition area;
  13. Must not jump over the barriers that separate the competition area and the public area;
  14. Must leave the competition area/field of play or enter the space reserved for working officials once matches are completed;
  15. Must not walk barefoot within the competition area or in other areas where it is required to wear shoes.

Guidelines for coaches are as follows:

  1. Treat competitors and opponents with respect;
  2. Inspire competitors with a love for martial arts and a desire to compete fairly;
  3. Be positive role models who others want to follow;
  4. Provide discipline for unsportsmanlike behavior;
  5. Respect the judgment and interpretation of the officials;
  6. Realize teaching extends into the athletic arena;
  7. Maintain temperament and stay behind barricades or on coaching chair while coaching during a match;
  8. Must not be under the influence of any substance.

Guidelines for officials are as follows:

  1. Must have knowledge and understanding of the rules;
  2. Place the welfare of the participants above all other considerations;
  3. Treat competitors and coaches with respect;
  4. Work cooperatively with other officials and other tournament personnel;
  5. Be firm, but fair, in all decisions without regard for previous game incidents;
  6. Maintain confidence, poise, and self-control throughout the tournament;
  7. Never allow outside influences to interfere with competition situations;
  8. Must not be under the influence of any substance.

Guidelines for spectators are as follows:

  1. Attempt to know and understand the rules of competition, and their intent;
  2. Appreciate good play and applaud it, regardless of who performs it;
  3. Cooperate with, and respond enthusiastically with positive cheering;
  4. Show compassion for injured competitors;
  5. Never jeer, heckle, or attempt to distract competitors;
  6. Never use profane or obnoxious language or behavior;
  7. Respect judgment and strategy of coaches, and never criticizes competitors or coaches;
  8. Respect authority of those who administer competition;
  9. Attempt to censure those who behave unruly;
  10. Must not be under the influence of any substance.

The SJJIF may take disciplinary measures towards its members and participants in SJJIF competitions and/or events for any violation of the SJJIF Statutes & Bylaws, the SJJIF Rulebook, or other SJJIF regulation or bylaw including anti-doping codes, and for participation in activities that are contrary to the SJJIF’s Code of Conduct.