• Sport Jiu-jitsu International Federation
  • Thursday, March 08 2018

South American BJJ Summer Cup Opens the SJJSAF Season

In the adult division, GFTeam were the champions with Pitbull in 2nd place, and Nova União in 3rd place. In the Kids Division, the 1st place team was Pitbull, followed by GFTeam and PBNG to complete the podium.

Cleiber Maia, the president of SJJSAF, showed all his happiness with the event, appreciative of the the BJJ community commitment with the competition.  “It was a special day, here in Teresópolis. To see all those people coming to fight in this little town up in the mountains and have the massive accession from the gyms around here is really gratifying. That only proves that we’re in the right path in our mission to expand BJJ as a sport and as an instrument of social justice”, said Maia. 

As usual, the Special and ParaJiuJitsu fights were a huge success! The event had the participation of 17 athletes, most of them from the Superação project and the teacher Gugu Gomes from Hélio Soneca Team. Participating Black Belt and 2018 SJJIF World Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Champion, Tayane Porfirio commented, "The event was awesome, with an amazing structure. Congratulations to everybody involved in the social project".  Of her participation, Maia adds, "Tayane is a champion in and out of the mat. She's always carrying the female Jiu-Jitsu flag and now she embraces the Special Jiu-Jitsu cause".   

“It’s impossible to disconnect the SJJSAF from the Special and ParaJiu-Jitsu competitions.  It’s amazing to receive this energy and love from these young special athletes.  Congratulations to Gugu for the amazing job in the Superação project”, completed Maia.