• Sport Jiu-jitsu International Federation
  • Thursday, April 11 2019

New & Exciting Changes for the 2019 SJJIF Worlds Black Belt Open Weight Divisions.

SJJIF's commitment to fair play and hearing the voice and feedback of the BJJ community has brought some new and exciting changes to the 2019 SJJIF World event as it relates to the Black Belt Open Weight Divisions and Cash Prize distribution.  Most notably, the Open Weight Adult Divisions will now be broken into two classes, Light and Heavy for both the female and male divisions.  The Open Light Weight Adult Division will be formed from Rooster Weight to Light Weight and Heavy Open Weight will be formed from Middle to Ultra Heavy Weight in both Gi and NoGi competition.  The goal is to provide qualified athletes with a better opportunity to showcase their technique and compete for their SJJIF World title and cash prize.

These changes have also brought new guidelines to the Adult Black Belt Open Weight divisions, notably:

  • All Black Belts must be active SJJIF members to register for the event and qualify for the prizes. 
  • Only the top three Black Belt athletes in a division qualify to compete in the Open Weight division. 
  • SJJIF black belts can only register for the open weight division at the event and can only compete in the respective Open Weight of the Age Division they competed it.
  • Adult Black Belt brackets will be created at the event with registered and eligible atheltes present.
  • Adult Black Belt brackets will be organized so teammates or athletes from the same country will face each other before the semi-finals. 
  • No Gentlemen’s agreement, competitors must fight.
  • If a Black Belt registers for the Open Weight division and does not participate in the Open Weight competition he or she will be banned for 1 year from all SJJIF sanctioned events, have their cash prize revoked, and will lose team points earned in respective bracket and ranking.

In addition, the Master Black Belt Open Weight Divisions are now separated by their respective age group division.

Excitingly, SJJIF is offering up to $74,000 USD in cash prizes under the new Open Weight Adult Divisions and Master Divisions for both female and male athletes in both Gi and NoGi competition.  

SJJIF will also continue to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the BJJ Black Belt athlete by providing free registration to Black Belts with active SJJIF membership until the September 30th deadline.  Black Belt registrations after the September 30th deadline will be processed at full registration price.