• Sport Jiu-jitsu International Federation
  • Wednesday, May 20 2020

Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocol Recommendations for Re-opening BJJ Schools

The well-being of our members, athletes, professors and the community at large have and continue to be a top priority for SJJIF.  Precautions and social distancing requirements amid the Covid-19 threat called for schools to temporarily close their schools and in-person instruction.  While this action was necessary to do our part in flattening the curve, it has inevitably been hard on many BJJ practitioners, professionals, and schools across the world. 

Soon, as regional and country orders are lifted, schools will begin opening. The return will not be a return to the old normal - that may take some time.  However, SJJIF believes it is important that we commit to taking the proper precautions to lessen the fears around training and lessen the risks of Covid-19 transmission.  The goal is not only to re-open, but to re-open in a manner that is safe and successful so that we can continue to remain open.

The BJJ community is stronger together and together we can take the best next steps in safely and successfully re-opening our BJJ schools - allowing our schools to begin recovering from the impact of these unprecedented times.  The BJJ community is strong and resilient, the daily lessons learned on the mat will help  to overcome the challenges of these trying times and get us back to doing what we love.

SJJIF has put together a health and safety recommendation resource for re-opening BJJ schools in an effort to support the community and ease some of the challenges BJJ schools may face as they prepare to re-open.  

SJJIF Covid-19 Health and Safety Protofol Recommendations for Re-opening BJJ Schools