• Sport Jiu-jitsu International Federation
  • Saturday, September 11 2021

SJJIF Launches New Event Rule Sets

As important as growth and evolution are for sport, SJJIF recognizes the equal importance of integrity in sport and has worked closedly with national and continental members to develop additional competitive event opportunties and regulations for BJJ teams and individual athletes ranging from the novice to professioinal athlete level. 

SJJIF is excited to announce the development of additional special event rules and regulations to support the evolution of BJJ event opportunities for the BJJ community and athletes.  

The Pro Jiu-Jitsu or Invitational events are intended to provide competitors with a broader rule set that allow for the inclusion of all leg attacks for Pro adult athletes and may include cash prizes or rewards.

The Submission Only events are intended to provide competitors with an event in which victory can only be attained by acquiring a submission with no referee decisions and no draws.

The Team events are intended to consist of either local teams, school teams, dream teams, national or continental teams with different elimination systems.  Victory can only be attained by a team’s performance against another team’s performance.

SJJIF is committted to the growth and evolution of BJJ and is excited to see what these new competitive event opportunities will bring. 

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